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Anti Gravity iPhone Case

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Stick your phone on any surface with the new Anti Gravity iPhone case. 
The cool iPhone case is designed in such a way that it will stick on any flat surfaces like metal, wood, wall, whiteboard, mirror, ceramic tile, plastic, leather & many more.
How does it work?
It uses Nano Suction technology. Nano-sized suction cups enables the phone to stick on any smooth flat surface, such as mirror screen wall and metal, and it never leaves a mark on anything you stick. 
This suction case was built using an ultra-tough inner shell using eco-friendly materials.
How long it will last & What about the quality?
After a while, if the stickiness gets weak, please use a bit of water to wash the case, it is washable, and the case will be good for use again.
Why you should have an Anti-Gravity iPhone Case?
Go hands-free while taking selfies, navigation for driving, cooking, Skyping, recording vlogs, watching YouTube videos & Netflix!
It will fit my iPhone?
Yes, it fits almost every iphone. Please check the variants!
Anti Gravity iPhone Case

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Amazing!! The cover lets you keep your phone anywhere like you are a magician.A great site for unique products,Great


A must stuff for iphone users.The best backcover i have ever seen.Thanks guys.

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